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"Little Tiddlers"

Toddler Service.

We meet in the Methodist Chapel at 10.15am on the first and 3rd Wednesdays of each month (check Barton's bulletin).

“Little Tiddlers” started in March 2003 after suggestions and requests by mums at Busy Bees for a more structured church-related activity for the very young.


In response to this, the Anglican and Methodist Churches in the village got together and planned a joint Anglican-Methodist Toddler Service.


And so “Little Tiddlers” was launched.


We called it “Little Tiddlers” because…little children… well, they are just…Little Tiddlers!!


And also because, in the early days of Christianity the symbol of the fish was used. (The Greek letters of their word “fish” stood for “Jesus Christ, Son of God, Saviour”.)


The service is short, with songs, a short story and a prayer, finishing with drinks and biscuits, a craft activity and free play – altogether about ¾ hour in length (though most people stay much longer!) The songs are a mixture of popular Playgroup and Sunday School songs.


It is really for the under-5’s, but we have some Big Tiddlers who like to come, in their 70’s! Attendance varies from week to week, between 10-20 (or more) little children, from babes-in-arms to 4-year-olds, and of course their parents, grandparents and carers come too.


We like the grown ups to join in as much as possible, especially with the action songs, and to listen quietly during the story-time and prayers. Young children learn a lot from copying others. We also ask for a small voluntary donation of £1 per family to help cover the cost of crafts, books, refreshments etc. Please remember that at the Service your children remain your responsibility.


Come and join us!

We all enjoy ourselves, and the children love coming!




The Rectory
29 Enstone Road
Westcote Barton
Oxon OX7 7AA

Nynka Arthur
  Telephone 01869 340510
  Email arfa@clara.net