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The Bartons Benefice Choir (BBC)
You will all have seen those television programmes entitled “The Choir”, where groups of individuals are moulded and shaped by a celebrity and ultimately perform at the Royal Albert Hall or some similar venue. But did you know that within your midst there is a ready made choir which you could join to demonstrate your singing capabilities to family and friends? 
Formed some 18 years ago, the BBC primarily supports church services at the four churches within the Bartons Benefice (Duns Tew, Sandford St Martin, Steeple Barton and Westcote Barton), particularly at church festivals. However, the Choir also supports other village events and functions, and has sung a wide variety of music from wartime songs and music-hall numbers in support of the centenary celebrations to performances of sacred music, for example, the Pergolesi “Stabat Mater” and the Choral Suite from Karl Jenkins “The Armed Man”.
When asked to do so, the Choir also supports wedding ceremonies, baptisms and funerals. Weddings often allow requests for lighter music and we have sung music written by well-known songwriters and performed by current “pop” artists. We have also been asked to accompany guest singers; these have included soloists from national opera companies (Scottish Opera and Glyndebourne). If asked, and if circumstances allow, we also sing at locations other than in our own group of parishes and villages.
We number 19, though this figure is often exceeded and would rise to about 25 were all our members present (we currently have two members teaching overseas). However, we would love to encourage others to join us, both male and female, be they soprano, alto, tenor or bass. Our singers all live locally and over half our number are members of other choirs or choral societies in North Oxfordshire, some having considerable experience singing and performing opera, light opera, classical works, musicals, country, folk and many other music genres.
We meet weekly on Mondays at 8pm for practice. At all times, we welcome new (or even used!) singers. You do not have to be trained, you do not have to be able to read music, nor do we demand you perform an audition. On the other hand, it is useful that you are able to sing in tune. And though you might think we demand weekly commitment, even that is not necessarily so, though we would hope that you join us for regular practice. Our welcome also extends to the social side of our activities – hardly a week goes by when we do not celebrate an event of some sort, eg, a birthday or other celebration.
So, if you would like to come and join us, give me, Trevor Daniels, a call on 01869 340262 - we in the BBC would be delighted to see you.




The Maples, 37 North Street, Middle Barton, Chipping Norton, OX7 7BH

Trevor Daniels
  Telephone 01869 340262
  Email t.daniels@treda.co.uk