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Be Water Aware this summer   ()

With the weather warming up, long sunny days and the summer holidays in sight, there is a temptation to cool off in one of Oxfordshire’s many rivers and inland waterways. And while there may not be any river monsters waiting down there, unfortunately rivers and waterways can be very dangerous places - 255 people accidentally drowned in 2017 in the UK.  

That’s why, at this time of year, Oxfordshire’s Fire and Rescue Service is reminding all residents to Be Water Aware to help everyone stay safe this summer.


Would you know what to do?


Knowing what to do when someone gets into trouble in the water could help save someone’s life:


Call: 999

Float: tell them to float on their back

Throw: something that floats


… and don’t jump in yourself


Find out more at www.365alive.co.uk/BeWaterAware