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Parliamentary Election on Thursday 8 June   ()

Key points/information relating to the election:

1.      The last time for a candidate to be nominated will be 4 pm on Thursday 11 May. Nomination packs will be available for prospective candidates early next week,
2.      The deadline for people to apply to be registered to vote is Monday 22 May. As always, the easiest, quickest and cheapest way to do so is via www.gov.uk/registertovote; but people who do not have internet access may contact us via 01993 861410 and give their details over the phone – they will need to have their national insurance number to hand
3.      People who are already registered do not need to re-apply. We had around 4000 duplicate applications in the run up to last year’s Referendum and would like to avoid that if possible. Obviously, if someone received a poll card for the May elections then they can be confident of being registered unless their situation has changed, e.g. they have moved house. If they are unsure they may email elections@westoxon.gov.uk to ask, ensuring that they give their name and address; or call 01993 861410.
4.      Poll cards will be posted on around 8 or 9 May; and our recommendation is that if someone has not received a poll card by 13 May and is unsure whether they are registered, they check with us then, as there will still be a week during which they may make any necessary application
5.      Postal voting applications need to be received by 5 pm on Tuesday 23 May; and applications to appoint a proxy by 5 pm on Wednesday 31 May. Forms are available from www.westoxon.gov.uk/register and once completed may be sent as a scanned email attachment to elections@westoxon.gov.uk as an alternative to posting or delivering them.
6.      Postal votes will be sent on around 22/23 May, except that those for people who have applied after 28 April will go a day or two later.
7.      The count will take place immediately after the close of the poll; and the result will be announced between 3 and 5 am on Friday 9 June
8.      As always, information is available from www.westoxon.gov.uk/elections and then following the links to “future elections”
I hope that this is all clear and useful.
Many thanks.
Keith Butler
Acting Returning Officer
Witney Parliamentary Constituency